World Refugee Day was marked on Tuesday, June 20, this year under the theme: "With refugees. Today, more than ever, we must be on the side of refugees”. In Guinea-Bissau, the date was celebrated in S. Domingos in the north of the country where the largest group of refugees who fled the conflict in Casamança several years ago.

The UN Report released this month in Geneva, Switzerland, and presented on Friday in Bissau reveals that the implementation of the right to health in Guinea- Bissau faces enormous challenges and calls for a comprehensive reform of the local health system.

The Report was discussed and analyzed today at the Government Palace in Bissau in a meeting on international recom

13 Jun 2017

The members of the Security Council expressed today their deep concern over the protracted political and institutional crisis in Guinea-Bissau as a result of the inability of political stakeholders to reach a lasting and consensual solution, leading to the current gridlock.

On World Malaria Day, the Coordinator of the National Program to Combat Malaria, Paulo Djata, stated that "If prevention measures continue, the prevalence rate of malaria can drop even more." World Malaria Day was celebrated on 25 April under the theme: "End Malaria for Good".

Since the signing of the Conakry Agreement in September 2016, the political situation in Guinea-Bissau is in a state of "impasse" in which political actors do not cohabit, do not dialogue and trade accusations, which, in the opinion of many Guineans and the international community, is a cause for concern.

This year's World Forest Day (WFD)’s theme - "The central role of forests in the energy supply of present and future societies" - could not be more suited to warn that despite good protection policies, Guinea-Bissau forests are still at risk, in particular, because of energy production.