Guinea-Bissau P5 reiterates call for implementation of the Conakry Agreement

The group of five international organizations involved in the peacebuilding process in Guinea-Bissau, known as P5, have once again asked President José Mário Vaz to take action towards political stability, by implementing the Bissau and Conakry agreements.

24 Aug 2017

Guinea-Bissau P5 reiterates call for implementation of the Conakry Agreement

The five international organizations represented in Bissau, including the AU, ECOWAS, CPLP, the European Union and the United Nations, reported in a communiqueé issued on 17 August, that they met "in Bissau on Wednesday 2 August and on Friday 4 August 2017 to assess the current political situation in the country and explore appropriate actions to support the efforts of political leaders in Guinea Bissau to implement the Bissau and Conakry Agreements to end the long-standing political crisis that the Country.

The P5 noted and analyzed the report of the Women's Facilitation Network and its activities to promote a genuine dialogue among key political actors to resolve the crisis. On Wednesday, August 10, 2017, P5 also met with the Women's Facilitation Network to discuss its report. "

The group of partners  congratulates the Women's Facilitation Network on its initiative and welcomes their efforts, "which allowed separate direct talks between President José Mário Vaz and the president of the National People's Assembly, Mr. Cipriano Cassamá, Prime Minister , Mr. Umaro Sissoco Embaló, the President of the Supreme Court of Justice, Mr. Paulo Sanhá and the leaders of the PAIGC, Mr. Domingos Simões Pereira, the PRS, Mr. Alberto Nambeia, as well as the Coordinator of the Group of 15, Mr. Braima Camará. This has helped to advance the national dialogue. "

Following the referred actions, reads the document, the P5 requested an audience with President José Mário Vaz, in his capacity as Guarantor of the Constitution and of the Institutions of the Republic. “At the end of the hearing, which took place on Tuesday, 15 August 2017, P5 expressed its concern that the persistence of the crisis could increase political tensions and invited President José Mário Vaz to take appropriate measures to reinstate the country On the path of political and institutional stability, by enforcing the Bissau and Conakry Agreements. "

Finally, the P5 invited José Mário Vaz to take the necessary decisions in accordance with the recent presidential statement of the UN Security Council, the Communiqué of the 699th meeting of the AU Peace and Security Council and the final communiqué of the 51st regular session of the Conference of Heads of State and Government of ECOWAS, which, at the request of President José Mário Vaz, decided to extend for a further three months the mandate of the ECOMIB Forces to enable it to implement these agreements.

The group reiterated the centrality of the Bissau and Conakry Agreements and their willingness to continue to support the people of Guinea Bissau in their efforts to promote peace, stability, democracy and development