Mobilization of Partners

Brussels, round table on Guine-Bissau.

At the strategic and technical levels, UNIOGBIS mobilizes resources with international partners, reconciles positions and coordinates assistance to national plans. ROLSI is active in identifying funds for demobilization, capacity building and accountability. It also coordinates with ECOWAS/ECOMIB, AU, CPLP, EU and bilateral partners to minimize duplications and gaps in the assistance provided. ROLSI played a key role in the Minister of Defense’s articulation of needs before partners’ Round Table in Brussels, which represents the largest share of solicited international contributions to the Government’s plan. 

PIU actively pursued the work of explaining to the Bissau-Guinean and international audiences, through multiple channels (internet, social and traditional media) how international aid is mobilized and delivered to the country in the areas of SSR and rule of law.