President of the UN Peacebuilding Commission –Guinea-Bissau configuration "encouraged" with meetings in Bissau

The chair of the UN Peacebuilding Commission Guinea-Bissau Configuration (PBC-GB), Mauro Vieira, finished on Thursday, 27, his two-day mission of to the country, with a meeting with President José Mário Vaz, after which he declared to be encouraged in relation to the prospects of solving the crisis.

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28 Jul 2017

President of the UN Peacebuilding Commission –Guinea-Bissau configuration "encouraged" with meetings in Bissau

"I finish my mission today, I am encouraged by the conversations I had with all the different actors and, above all, with today’s second round of negotiations facilitated by the Association of Guinean Women for Mediation and Facilitation of the political crisis. I believe that it is an important instrument that the President also mentioned and that it can create a momentum and a new impulse to arrive at a solution", declared the permanent representative of Brazil to the United Nations that holds the PBC-GB chair.

As to how the Secretary-General's new ‘preventive’ approach would apply in the case of Guinea-Bissau, Mauro Vieira revealed that the Secretary-General called the President of the Republic yesterday "to express his concern”.  “This is already a precautionary gesture and the proper functioning of the PBC Guinea-Bissau Configuration is also a preventive tool. ", stressed Ambassador Vieira.

Regarding the resolution of the crisis, Mauro Vieira added: "I think the most important is to mobilize civil society, government, institutions and to have great openness to arrive at a solution to this crisis that is harming the population and also preventing normal government activities. "

Ambassador Vieira also defended as crucial that "there is the transparency and willingness to talk and overcome the political difficulties that exist between certain groups or groups," said the ambassador.

He also left the message that he returned with optimism that Guinea-Bissau could count on the support of the international community and also the Brazilian government that has always been present and participated with a series of technical cooperation programs in various areas of development of Guinea-Bissau.

"The international community is attentive, following the situation and ready to support the economic development of this country, in view of the commitments made at the Brussels Round Table with donors from Guinea Bissau, which had an exceptional outcome. I am sure that as soon as the political problems are resolved, that money will come and be invested and will produce an important development for the whole people, "he said.