UNIOGBIS holds seminars on military leadership for the Armed Forces of Guinea-Bissau

UNIOGBIS is promoting a series of seminars on military leadership in Guinea-Bissau. The first event was held on 9 and 10 May 2018, in the Armed Forces club in Bissau. On 16 and 17 May was the turn of army officials and in the following weeks, UNIOGBIS Military advisor will offer his training integrated ion an ongoing Officers course. Close to 100 military will be reached.

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17 May 2018

UNIOGBIS holds seminars on military leadership for the Armed Forces of Guinea-Bissau

The main goal is to share knowledge on military leadership approaches and military values, duties, responsibilities and the respect for the Constitution.

UNIOGBIS Senior Military Adviser Colonel Costa Neto, who led the seminar, emphasized the importance of the conference. “These seminars are a valuable opportunity for us to share experiences and learn with each other, while also strengthening our dialogue with the Armed Forces in Guinea-Bissau”, said Costa Neto. The events are the result of a partnership between UNIOGBIS, the Guinea-Bissau Armed Forces and the National Defense Institute.

Colonel Costa Neto addresses military issues such as Constitutional Mission, characteristics of Military Profession (life risk; rigid precepts of discipline and hierarchy, permanent availability, geographic mobility, physical force, restrictions on labor rights, specific training and constant improvement, prohibition of participating in political activities and strikes), Military Values (patriotism, civics, faith in the mission of the institution, dedication to the profession, body spirit, technical and professional improvement and courage), Military Duties (worship of National Symbols, probity and loyalty, discipline and respect for hierarchy, strict fulfillment of duties and orders, and treatment of the subordinate with dignity), Military Ethics, leadership concepts and principles of military leadership.

The seminar also discusses on leadership styles (autocratic, participatory and delegative) and levels of leadership (direct and indirect). In the following weeks, similar events will be held for members of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force of Guinea-Bissau, also reinforcing the role of the military in maintaining the country’s stability. “The Armed Forces of Guinea-Bissau are very patriotic and proud of their country. We will continue to promote these capacity building activities throughout the year, always in close partnership with them”, concluded Colonel Costa Neto.