Guinean women call for peace and stability in the country

The 1,000 women who gathered at the first forum of women and girls for peace in Guinea-Bissau on 25 May said that Guinean women have the potential to fight and win and to make peace and stability prevail. Concerned about the political situation in Guinea-Bissau, they appealed to peace and asked to be heard because their voices count. UN Under-Secretary-General Ana Maria Menendez was present, heard and offered support.

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26 May 2018

Guinean women call for peace and stability in the country

At the opening session of the Forum, the Coordinator of the Guinean Women's Council (CMG), Francisca Vaz, said that "the cyclical instability experienced in Guinea-Bissau for several years contributed to the continuous degradation of the social, economic, environmental and political fabric, especially in the sphere of girls and women ".

Prime Minister, Aristides Gomes, lamented the fact that in the current government there are only four women. "Women are doubly hindered in the struggle for development because of the weaknesses of the state. They are affected because of the social inequalities that persist in the country and that affect women twice as much", added the head of the Government.

At the end of the day, participants left recommendations for policy makers, in particular and for Guinean society in general. They recommended that: youth should be cohesive and hopeful in the area of ​​justice, health and economy; the micro-credit program should be made available to women in all regions; factories must be built to transform agricultural products, thus creating more jobs for women and young people; Inclusion of women in the right to inheritance; engagement of women in defense policy and protection when drafting laws; creation of more regional courts to increase access to justice, to restore restorative justice, due to their greater effectiveness in appeasement of conflicts; and finally recommended that the next forum, to take place next year will choose a woman to be a candidate for the next presidential election.

In the near future, the women also intend to create a working group within the forum to plan future work and activities.

The forum was attended by UN Under-Secretary-General Ana Maria Menéndez, who said to be impressed by the mobilization, congratulated the women for the initiative and left words of encouragement.

"On behalf of the United Nations, which I represent here today, I want to assure you of our commitment to respect the principles of gender equality and women's participation and to work with national authorities and international partners to ensure that future consultations and measures to implement the agreements that the political authorities signed will not be carried out without the participation of women's delegations, "said Ana Maria Menéndez.

"I also want to assure our full support for the integration of a gender equality perspective at the next roundtable for national dialogue, the reconciliation process, the forthcoming parliamentary elections and the future reforms that Guinea-Bissau will undertake." Concluded the USG.