SRSG hails Guinea-Bissau Police officers to be deployed to Haiti

21 May 2010

SRSG hails Guinea-Bissau Police officers to be deployed to Haiti

21 May 2010 - The Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Guinea-Bissau, Joseph Mutaboba, today considered the forthcoming deployment of seven Guinea-Bissau police officers to the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) as an important moment that can help change the image of the country abroad.

"It is an important moment for the country and a radical change in its external policy, and also for the international community. Guinea-Bissau is usually seen as a country immerged into crisis but you will give an image of hope of a country that wants to give, to contribute", the SRSG said.

Mutaboba was speaking at a farewell ceremony of the seven police officers who brought together members of Guinea-Bissau Government, namely Mrs. Adjato Nandigna (minister for the Presidency of Council of Ministers), Mrs. Adja Satu Camara (minister of Interior) and Octavio Alves (secretary for National Security and Public Order).

"You have been selected for your skills and you'll be the ambassadors of Guinea-Bissau among your colleagues, receiving and also sharing", Mutaboba added.

In her statement, the minister of Interior, Mrs. Camara commended the United Nations for having selected Guinea-Bissau police officers and reminded that the last similar deployment occurred ten years ago.

As for the minister for Presidency of Council of Ministers, she noted that the selected officers will have the opportunity to exchange with colleagues from other countries but also transmit their experience to their colleagues in Guinea-Bissau at the end of their assignment. Mrs. Nandigna also commended the presence of two female in the group which is a signal of "gender balance".

Speaking on behalf of the group, Let. Col. Eulálio Domingos Neto stressed that they "will show the world that Guinea-Bissau is in another stage and wants to develop like other countries".