Peaceful vote in Guinea-Bissau to elect next president

Bissau Guineans went to the polls yesterday, 24 November 2019 to elect the new president of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau.

25 Nov 2019

Peaceful vote in Guinea-Bissau to elect next president

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Guinea-Bissau, Rosine Coulibaly and Mohamed Ibn Chambas, United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General of West Africa and Sahel and UNOWAS Head, resident in Dakar, visited some polling stations in Bissau, the National Election Commission, the election monitoring cell and the House of Rights, where human rights officials from the UN Integrated Office for Peacebuilding in Guinea-Bissau “UNIOGBIS”, and the defenders Human rights are monitoring the human rights situation in the election period.

Rosine Coulibaly, just before polling day, said in a message that the UN was closely following political developments and the human rights situation at this important moment for the country. "We stand with the people of Guinea-Bissau and we will support your choice for the future through the democratic right to political participation." She called on the 12 candidates to respect the electoral code of conduct in order to ensure "free, fair and transparent elections" and to accept the election results announced by the CNE and the media, respect for the code of conduct and a fair and ethical coverage for all applicants.

About 176 international observers from ECOWAS, the African Union, CPLP and the United States followed the elections across the country. The group of civil society organizations for elections (GOSCE), from Bissau, monitored the voting process throughout the country, receiving reports from 422 contributors in all regions, and the UNIOGBIS Human Rights Section, in close consultation. Collaborations with the Network of Human Rights Defenders also monitored human rights in the context of elections from the House of Rights in Bissau, along with 16 regional focal points in 37 sectors of the country.

Throughout the country polling was as orderly and peaceful as usual in Guinea-Bissau. Some minor incidents were detected and soon overcome, the CNE said, which also congratulated the Guineans for their massive participation in this process.