Guinea-Bissau enters the new year in expectation

After an intense 2019 with three electoral processes, parliamentary elections in March and two rounds of presidential election in November and December, Guinea-Bissau enters 2020 in suspense to know who will be the next president of the Republic.

31 Dec 2019

Guinea-Bissau enters the new year in expectation

The National Election Commission (CNE) promised to announce the provisional results on the 1st January at 11am. Despite the forecasts circulating on social media the people and the traditional is holding its breath and repeating that everyone must wait for the official results compiled by the CNE.

This was also the final recommendation made by the civil society monitoring cell which again deployed over 400 monitors throughout the country. The monitoring cell highlighted the significant women participation in the vote and according to their findings there were no major incidents and “polling day was calm, serene and peaceful”.

The international observers, from African Union, European Union and CPLP agreed and emphasized the transparency of the process and civic and democratic behavior of the Bissau-guinean people “which is an example to the whole region”, stressed the representative of the ECOWAS observer mission.

The observers’ missions recommended the candidates to resort to legal means to solve any disputes and called on the international community to continue supporting national efforts for peacebuilding, rule of law and sustainable development.