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On World Malaria Day, the Coordinator of the National Program to Combat Malaria, Paulo Djata, stated that "If prevention measures continue, the prevalence rate of malaria can drop even more." World Malaria Day was celebrated on 25 April under the theme: "End Malaria for Good".

Since the signing of the Conakry Agreement in September 2016, the political situation in Guinea-Bissau is in a state of "impasse" in which political actors do not cohabit, do not dialogue and trade accusations, which, in the opinion of many Guineans and the international community, is a cause for concern.

This year's World Forest Day (WFD)’s theme - "The central role of forests in the energy supply of present and future societies" - could not be more suited to warn that despite good protection policies, Guinea-Bissau forests are still at risk, in particular, because of energy production.

The five international organizations, partners in the peacebuilding process in Guinea-Bissau, known as the P5 - African Union (AU) group, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) , the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN) - met on 15 March with President Vaz to express their concern and exchange with him some opinions on the political moment in the country.

Bissau, 24 February 2017 (UNIOGBIS/PIU) – The United Nations Security Council yesterday extended for another year the mandate of the UN Integrated Peace-Building Office in Guinea-Bissau-UNIOGBIS- and urged stakeholders to strictly respect and comply with the Conakry Agreement and the ECOWAS road map in addressing their differences and the challenges facing their country. It also underscored the need for inclusive dialogue to consolidate peace and stability and called upon the national authorities to expedite the review of Guinea-Bissau's Constitution.

A multidisciplinary mission of the UN Integrated Peacebuilding Office for Guinea-Bissau –UNIOGBIS- led by its Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Marco Carmignani , visited the town of Buba, in Quinara region, south, on 20-21 February to strenghthen collaboration with local administrative authorities, polpulations and get a closer look at the work of the local UNIOGBIS regional office.

Bissau, 15 February (UNIOGBIS) –Presenting the report of the Secretary-General on Guinea-Bissau and on the activities of UNIOGBIS, yesterday before the Security Council, SRSG Modibo Touré stressed that any breakthrough in the political dialogue would remain short-lived if the structural causes of the instability are not addressed.

The international symposium "Facing the past to build the future Guinea-Bissau" (Nó nfrenta past pa nô kumpu nô Guiné-bissau di amanhá) which was to take place this weekend was rescheduled to 8-11 February 2017 at the national parliament building, in Bissau.

Following a request from the Government of Guinea-Bissau to the United Nations system in the country and major international partners, a multidisciplinary commission was set up to prepare a plan to assist the thousands of Gambian refugees who have already entered the country.