Angola and UNIOGBIS debate cooperation in Guinea-Bissau

10 Nov 2011

Angola and UNIOGBIS debate cooperation in Guinea-Bissau

9 November 2011 - The Deputy of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Guinea-Bissau, Gana Fofang, and Angolan secretary of State for External relations, Manuel Augusto (third, from left), today met in Bissau to discuss their cooperation for Guinea-Bissau.


"The meeting aimed to exchange ideas with UNIOGBIS leadership, assess the current situation and discuss future actions in order to respect the calendar of activities implementation", the Angolan Secretary of State said.

While reminding that Angola and the UN have been working together to provide their "support to Guinea-Bissau", Manuel Augusto stated that the organization "guarantees the harmonization of international community efforts" in the country. "All partners are important, European Union, ECOWAS, etc. but the United Nations cannot be replaced when we talk about coordination in order to find ways and solutions to get out of the impasse".

Manuel Augusto is Bissau for a two-day visit for discussions with national authorities and some international partners about the Security Sector Reform (SSR) implementation, among other topics.