“Make Amilcar Cabral proud,” RESG Rosine Coulibaly

Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General in Guinea-Bissau (SRSG), Rosine Hadizatou Sori Coulibaly, first visited, on October 31 and November 1, the eastern regions of Bafatá and Gabú.

1 Nov 2019

“Make Amilcar Cabral proud,” RESG Rosine Coulibaly

The SRSG informed the authorities about the closure of UNIOGBIS regional offices, a decision that came out of the latest UN Security Council resolution, noted preparations for elections in the regions, listened and enlightened the population about UN support for the electoral process and the peacebuilding in Guinea-Bissau.

In Bafatá, SRSG Coulibaly listened to the concerns of political, religious and civil society leaders notably about the use of aggressive language and politics that promotes ethno-religious divisions. Rosine Coulibaly encouraged everyone to contribute to a peaceful electoral process and peace-building in Guinea-Bissau.

 “If we have peaceful elections we can start working to develop and improve the living conditions of the population. Think about the future of your children and make Amilcar Cabral proud of you,” said the SRSG.

At the United Nations Development Program Resident Representative Company UNDP, Tjark Egenhoff, Rosine Coulibaly met with regional authorities, Commanders of the Defense and Security Forces, Coordinator of the Justice Access Center, POP Regional Commissioner and the Bafatá Regional Court to learn about the situation of religions and how the United Nations can help more and better within its mandate.

They visited the future 'House of Justice', a complex that houses the court, the Registry and Notary Services, the Justice Access Center, among others. The UNDP-funded construction is ready and awaiting the installation of solar panels and water to make it operational.

Rosine Hadizatou Sori Coulibaly, reaffirmed during the meetings that the United Nations is available to support the people of Guinea-Bissau, and urged them all to work together to promote peace in Guinea-Bissau.

The SRSG, which briefed the Security Council from Bafatá, returned to Bissau earlier due to the political situation but her team continued contacts with the population.

In Gabu, the delegation visited the Embalobé and Bani sector, where farming land was disputed by these two neighboring villages (about 34 km from Gabu) which resulted in the death of one person on April 29, 2019, in Embalobe. In retaliation, the citizens of Embalobe, burned houses in Bani, the hometown of the alleged killer, currently detained. Thanks to the mediation of some traditional leaders and the intervention of the authorities, the situation is stabilized, but some tension remains.

These visits are part of a regular program of contacts with the regional offices of the United Nations Integrated Office for Peacebuilding in Guinea-Bissau (UNIOGBIS). SRSG's next field visits will be the regional offices of São Domingos and Buba.