United Nations Peacebuilding Fund presents project portfolio for Guinea-Bissau

The United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) presented this Tuesday in Bissau the project portfolio for Guinea-Bissau, estimated at US $ 7.3 million.

21 Jun 2018

United Nations Peacebuilding Fund presents project portfolio for Guinea-Bissau

The project portfolio consists of five new projects aimed at contributing to peacebuilding in Guinea-Bissau by facilitating political dialogue, strengthening the formal and informal justice sectors, creating a professional and conflict-sensitive environment within the media. They also aim to promote the participation of women and youth in political processes and decision-making at all levels, as well as adequate support in the coordination and follow-up of these efforts.

The Secretary of State for the Communities, Queba Banjai, present at the event on behalf of the Minister of Foreign Affairs launched a challenge to everyone so that soon the country could achieve the desired results.

Although the presentation took place in June, the projects are already being implemented in Guinea Bissau since January 2018. It was not until last May that the first National Forum of Women and Girls for Peace and the Conference on Restorative Justice and Comparative Experience, both events resulting from projects funded by the Fund.

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Guinea-Bissau, José Viegas Filho congratulated all those involved in the design and implementation of the projects, "the diversity of areas of intervention and approach adopted demonstrate the firm determination to work for the consolidation of peace, seeking to overcome difficulties, increasing the consistency of state institutions, government stability, donor coordination to avoid fatigue and disbelief of beneficiaries.

"The support of the Peacebuilding Fund is a clear demonstration of the multiple dimensions of peace and how conflict prevention requires a multidisciplinary and inclusive effort, which is at the heart of the proposal of the Secretary-General António Guterres for the reform of the UN system. "The UN chief in Guinea-Bissau also said.

The Deputy UN Secretary-General for Guinea-Bissau, David McLachlan-Karr, recalled that Guinea-Bissau has been on the agenda of the Peacebuilding Commission since 2008, "which guarantees the country's visibility in international structures which goes beyond its size and geopolitical importance and makes the country eligible to receive funding from the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund. " The Deputy Representative also recalled that the success of the projects depends on all Guineans.

Peacebuilding Fund Coordinator Janet Murdock said the new projects represent a new opportunity for Guinea-Bissau and all its stakeholders to mobilize efforts and synergies to make good use of the funds allocated to peace in the country.

Also during the event, the public had the opportunity to watch the launch of a new Peace anthem, performed by the young singer and composer Patche di Rima.

The Guinea-Bissau Configuration of the Peacebuilding Commission is currently chaired by the Permanent Representative of Brazil to the UN, Ambassador Mauro Vieira. The configuration plays an active role in monitoring the evolution of the situation in Guinea-Bissau, mobilizing member states around the country's peace agenda.