UNIOGBIS about 1 April 2010 events

2 Apr 2010

UNIOGBIS about 1 April 2010 events

1 April 2010 - The United Nations Integrated Peace-Building Office in Guinea-Bissau (UNIOGBIS) has learned about the anti-constitutional incidents that took place on Thursday, 1 April, in Guinea-Bissau and calls for the respect of the human life and protection of property.

UNIOGBIS reaffirms the need to respect constitutional order and the legally elected State institutions, which are essencial conditions for peace, stability and the development of the country.

The United Nations, through the Special Representative of the United Nations, Mr. Joseph Mutaboba, has been following the situation since it started. In this regard, the Special Representative and the ECOWAS Special Representative, Mr. Hamet Sidibé, met the President of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau and military leadership to appraise the situation and measures needed to normalize the situation.

The Special Representative of the United Nations also met the diplomats based in Guinea-Bissau this afternoon to analyze the situation.

Finally, the United Nations reaffirms its commitment to seeking a rapid, suitable and peaceful solution to today's events with the national and international actors.

Today's events could impact negatively on the progress achieved in reinforcing cooperation between Guinea-Bissau and the international community towards the country's stability and development.