UN funds for Bissau-Guinean civil society movement to promote SSR

27 Jan 2011

UN funds for Bissau-Guinean civil society movement to promote SSR

27 January 2011 - The United Nations Development Program office (UNDP) in Guinea-Bissau today signed a $30,000 grant agreement with Bissau-Guinean Civil Society National Movement to assist the organization in implementing a Security Sector Reform (SSR) awareness campaign program.


According to the agreement, the civil society organization will carry out several activities including information and awareness regional workshops and cultural activities in areas closed to military areas in the capital Bissau and countryside.

In a speech to mark the signature, UNDP Resident Representative a.i. Ms. Lalao Raharisoa stressed that the success of the country's SSR process also depends on the way it is perceived by Bissau-Guinean people. "This explains why UNDP worked with the SSR steering committee secretariat to set up an awareness campaign action plan and its coordination", she stated.

The agreement was signed within the framework of the UNDP Rule of Law and Security Programme set up in 2009 to support the efforts of Government of Guinea-Bissau in implementing the reform of justice and security sectors.

Guinea-Bissau SSR is implementing a wide reform program focused on the Armed Forces, Police and Justice with the support of several bi and multilateral partners, including the UNIOGBIS through its SSR/UN Police section. In its Resolution 1949, the Security Council requests the Secretary-General, through his Special Representative in Guinea-Bissau, "to continue to support national efforts to effectively coordinate international assistance for credible security sector reform under the principle of full civilian control of the military and on the basis of a comprehensive threat assessment, taking into account the work already undertaken by the EU and other international actors in this area".