SRSG urges Guinea-Bissau authorities to endorse ECOWAS-CPLP road map

4 Mar 2011

SRSG urges Guinea-Bissau authorities to endorse ECOWAS-CPLP road map

4 March 2011 - The Special-Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of UNIOGBIS, Joseph Mutaboba, today called upon Guinea-Bissau authorities as well as their sub-regional partners to endorse the ECOWAS-CPLP road map.


"It is crucial that the highest political authorities of Guinea-Bissau step up their support for the ECOWAS-CPLP road map and appeal to their sub-regional partners to endorse it and begin its implementation", Mutaboba stressed.

In a press conference in Bissau right after returned from briefing the Security Council in New York and from meetings in Madrid, Geneva and Dakar, the SRSG said that "immediate challenges facing the national authorities include the approval and implementation of the ECOWAS-CPLP road map, the promulgation of the respective legislative package, the continued mobilization of resources, and a clearly defined plan for the implementation of defense and security sector reforms."

According to Mutaboba, a clear "commitment to progress on SSR, by adopting the ECOWAS-CPLP roadmap and requesting the Heads of State and Government of the sub-region to do so as well" would be another positive signal from national authorities to the international community which is committed to assist Guinea-Bissau through the effective implementation of security sector reform programmes. "Angola is already playing a major role in these efforts. I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Angola for the solidarity shown to Guinea-Bissau and to appeal to other partners to enhance their participation in these important reforms", he stated.

In order to secure an environment leading towards stability and development, the Head of UNIOGBIS also called upon political progress and enhancement of the combat against impunity, including reaching the conclusion of the investigations into the 2009 political assassinations, ensuring that those responsible are brought to justice. With respect to fighting drug trafficking and organized crime, while hailing progress made he urged national authorities to continue mobilizing human and financial resources, and seeking interim solutions with international partners.

Finally, the Head of UNIOGBIS ensured the UN commitment to continue its support to Guinea-Bissau government and people in their efforts for stability and development. "A clear signal of the UN commitment is the recent approval by the Peacebuilding Fund of its second allocation to Guinea-Bissau for a total of $16.8 million. The new PBF envelope represents an important opportunity as well as a challenge for the country and will help address peacebuilding challenges, including the much needed Security Sector Reform, the promotion of national dialogue and youth employment", Mutaboba stressed.