Seminar on Media and Migrations

What is the difference between a migrant and a refugee? What are the reasons that motivate a person to leave his/her country? Journalists and journalism students participated on Tuesday 13 August in a seminar on Media and Migrations, teaching them how to address these issues.

14 Aug 2019

Seminar on Media and Migrations

The workshop was the result of a unique collaboration between the German researchers from Dortmund, the Lusophone University (Guinea-Bissau), the International Organization for Migration and the UNIOGBIS’ program to strengthen the role of media in Guinea-Bissau. 

Migration has become a major challenge of the 21st century. Many West African countries have unfavorable economic, political or social situations that can lead people to migrate (legally or illegally). Reliable information on this topic is more than necessary, however, media coverage of the migration crisis is often overlooked.

The event, which welcomed Monika Lengauer, specialist in International Journalism, allowed Bissau-Guinean journalists to familiarize themselves with the aspects of reporting about migration and refugee matters in Africa and Europe, allowing them to expand their analytical skills. Monika Lengauer said that "teaching journalism is first and foremost an exchange because it allows the professor to transmit, but also to enrich himself through the students’ knowledge, for example their culture or technological insights. It is important to have young and competent journalists who are trained to share accurate information with the whole society. Thanks to the technological tools they master, young people have considerable talent to achieve that goal."