Guineans keen to talk frankly and tell the truth to each other

11 Jul 2012

Guineans keen to talk frankly and tell the truth to each other

11 July 2012 - After almost three weeks consulting national stakeholders over the political situation facing their country, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG), Joseph Mutaboba says there are signs showing that Guineans are ready to have frank talks in order to move forward and find a lasting solution to their problems.


"Lesson learnt from these consultations is that Bissau-Guineans now agree they should truthfully talk to each other and this is very important" says the head of UNIOGBIS. Joseph Mutaboba explains that if all Guineans from every walk of life could meet in a small group, not a national conference or national dialogue as planned and almost completed with nationals and the Parliament but rather a reflection group comprised of all the segments of Guinea-Bissau population, automatically the UN will think that Guineans can really take control of their future, tell the truth to each other and tell to themselves that "since this crisis happened we regret it but this should be the last one".

Further explaining the purpose of these consultations, the SRSG said that up to now, ECOWAS, African Union, CPLP, UN, EU etc... have been heard but so far Guineans have not spoken their mind as one people concerned by their country and by the repetitive crises that happened in this country therefore it looks like they don't have anything to say and no recommendation to make.

"We are ready to support them as we have been always doing and we are waiting the suitable moment for this to be done and it would not take long to come" Mutaboba said . "We should give them this chance to be able to look at each other and say here is the truth therefore, if they have some recommendations to make they should be regarded as reference for ECOWAS, African Union, CPLP, UN, they bilateral or multilateral partners. This is very important" he added.

In the meantime Joseph Mutaboba has also had regular meetings with Guinea-Bissau international partners in order to harmonize their views over the current situation.

In its resolution 2048 of 18 May 2012, following the April coup d'état in Guinea-Bissau, the Security Council stresses the need for all national stakeholders and Guinea-Bissau's international bilateral and multilateral partners to remain committed to the restoration of constitutional order and, in this context, encourages ECOWAS to continue its mediation efforts aimed at the restoration of constitutional order, in close coordination with the United Nations, the AU and CPLP.

The Secretary-General will present his report on Guinea-Bissau before the Security Council on 26 July.