Guinea-Bissau celebrates 71st anniversary of the UN on a positive note

On October 24, Guinea-Bissau marked 71 years of existence of the United Nations with the inauguration of peace murals and film screenings in Bissau and in the regions on the new objectives of sustainable development.

16 Nov 2016

Guinea-Bissau celebrates 71st anniversary of the UN on a positive note

"On the 70th anniversary of the Organization, we have 17 goals to push us toward a better future for all of us on a healthy planet," the Secretary-General emphasized in his message, and asked everyone to support the new Secretary General, António Guterres in its mission to promote peace, human rights and sustainable development.

Guinea-Bissau became a full member of the United Nations Organization on 17 September 1974 and gained a seat at the UN General Assembly where it has the right tu vote, as the remaining 192 Member States , Following the principle established in the letter - "one country, one vote."

Guinea-Bissau's ambassador to the United Nations, João Soares da Gama, welcomes the efforts of nations and international partners in consolidating peace in Guinea-Bissau. Within the borders of Guinea-Bissau, the benificiaries of the UN programs consider the intervention of the various agencies and the UN mission in the country to be positive.

The Regional Secretary of the State Committee of the Quinara region, Mamadu Mané, welcomes the United Nations intervention in Guinea-Bissau and in particular in its region. "The regional office has conducted various training courses for prosecutors and several others on human rights issues."

Meanwhile, the Regional Delegate for Education in Quinara, Luís da silva, highlighted "UNICEF support in school construction and free distribution of school materials, which contributed significantly to the significant increase in the number of girls in schools, which had not happened before" .

In the region of Bafatá, the beneficiaries highlighted the support of the PAM by the school canteen that contributed a lot in the increase of the rate of schooling of the girls. "The number of girls in schools has increased significantly thanks to the special WFP gender for girls, this has strongly encouraged parents to let girls go to schools."

The Special Assistant Representative of the Secretary General, Resident Coordinator and Representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Maria do Valle Ribeiro believes that working together for the same objective is the only way to help stabilize and develop Guinea-Bissau, because, he recalls: "There is no politics without development and there is no development without politics".

For Deputy Special Representative for Political Affairs Marco Carmignani, Guinea Bissau will overcome the difficulties because "the Guinean people are hardworking and have shown great resilience to great difficulties of various dimensions. The contribution of the people has been the attachment it holds for democracy, rule of law and constitutional order. "