Government of Guinea-Bissau and United Nations carry out joint field mission

3 Jul 2018

Government of Guinea-Bissau and United Nations carry out joint field mission

The Government of Guinea-Bissau and the United Nations team in Guinea-Bissau will carry out a joint field mission from 4 to 7 July 2018 to monitor the implementation of the United Nations Partnership Framework with Guinea-Bissau 2016-2020 (UNPAF) in the main areas of intervention.

UNPAF is the basis for cooperation between the Government of Guinea-Bissau and the United Nations System for the period 2016-2020. It reflects the willingness of both parties to work to improve people's living conditions and break the vicious cycle of poverty, and ensure stability in the country.

The Government’s delegation is led by the Director General of Foreign Policy, Ambassador João Soares da Gama, accompanied by technicians from the different ministries, representatives of civil society and private sector.

The United Nations team is composed of the United Nations System Resident Coordinator's Office and members of the UNPAF monitoring and evaluation group.

During the visit to the three provinces of the country, the delegation intends to visit the main areas of implementation of projects and programs, and interact with the beneficiaries. Consultations with local implementation structures and local authorities will also take place, with the aim of collecting recommendations to improve the implementation of the partnership framework.

Under the partnership, and in line with national priorities, the United Nations intervention in Guinea Bissau is based on four areas: rule of law and good governance, economic growth, human development and environment.

UNPAF is in its third year of implementation and is expected to be subject to a mid-term review later this year to assess progress in its implementation. It is in the context of the preparation of this process and in accordance with the principles of the Paris Declaration on the effectiveness of Development Aid that the joint mission of the Government and the United Nations is carried out.