December 11, 2008 – Guinea-Bissau continues to need strong international support, says SC

20 Apr 2009

December 11, 2008 – Guinea-Bissau continues to need strong international support, says SC

UN News Centre - The United Nations Security Council today underscored the need for continued international support for Guinea-Bissau, while voicing their concern over security in the West African country which faced an unsuccessful coup attempt last month by elements of the military.

Renegade military elements launched an armed attack on the residence of President João Bernardo Vieira in the capital, Bissau, on 23 November. Mr. Vieira survived the attack, which occurred just one week after legislative elections were staged in a peaceful and orderly manner.

"The members of the Security Council reiterated their deep concern over the security situation in Guinea-Bissau," Ambassador Neven Jurica of Croatia, which holds the rotating Council Presidency for December, said in a statement read out to the press.

The 15-member body, which was briefed by the Secretary-General's Special Representative, Shola Omoregie, also expressed its support to the implementation of the Security Sector Reform Programme in Guinea-Bissau.

In addition, the Council also welcomed the successful organization of the legislative elections on 16 November and called on the authorities to ensure the installation of the new Parliament and Government as soon as possible. It also welcomed the creation of the National Commission on Human Rights.

Guinea-Bissau has struggled to combat growth in drug trafficking and organized crime, and also to sustain economic growth and political stability amid a series of civil conflicts and coups d'état in recent decades.

The UN has been assisting the country in rebuilding through the efforts of the UN Peacebuilding Support Office in the country, known as UNOGBIS. Guinea-Bissau is one of a handful of States on the agenda of the UN Peacebuilding Commission, which aims to help poor countries avoid sliding back into war or chaos.

The Council also asked the Secretary-General to put forward recommendations on transforming UNOGBIS into an integrated office, and underscored the need for continued support to Guinea-Bissau.