Bissau-Guinean Army improve its media skills

On 24-27 July the Military Adviser of UNIOGBIS in partnership with the General Staff of the Guinean Armed Forces conducted a training on communication for about 60 staff of the military. The event took place at the Armed Forces Club in Bissau and aimed to share good relationship practices between society and the media and to improve the dissemination of information on the activities of the Armed Forces.

2 Aug 2018

Bissau-Guinean Army improve its media skills

The event also served to strengthen Guinea-Bissau Armed Forces as a democratic institution and strengthen its capacities as a State body to function increasingly effectively, transparently and in line with the constitution.

At the opening ceremony, Brigadier General Julio Nathe, representing the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, stressed the importance of the training to improve relations with society and the press, and stated that the military in Guinea-Bissau "is working hard on training its staff, keeping themselves out of politics and assuming their constitutional mission."

UNIOGBIS Military Adviser addressed the role of Social Communication activities in preserving and strengthening the institution's image, today’s communication dynamics, the influence of public opinion, the need for greater rapprochement with society, and the importance of internal communication for the command and cohesion of the troops.

Discussions also focused on the relationship with the press, how to handle the various media (TV - newspaper - radio - internet), how to give interviews, the answering techniques to be used during interviews, the role of the media relations officer, the preparation of the spokesperson, and the need for training to grant good interviews. Also, on the second day, the Head of the Public Information Unit of the United Nations Peacebuilding Office (UNIOGBIS), Júlia Alhinho, dived into the history of Social Communication, legislation related to the subject in Guinea-Bissau and the work of the media in the Country.

The public service and the relationship with society, highlighting the procedures that should be used for a good acceptance of the Armed Forces within the population, was the focus of the session conducted by Colonel Costa Neto on the third day. Later on, participants got to know the Portuguese experience through Colonel Iglesias from the Technical-Military Cooperation of Portugal, who spoke about Social Communication Activities in the Portuguese Army. Finally, the group learned from Colonel Costa Neto about communication crisis.

 "The objectives of the training were fully achieved. Later this year, we will organize other activities of the kind, through various themes, to continue to strengthen team spirit, internal communication and technical capabilities of the Armed Forces that are essential for good relationship with the rest of the population," said UNIOGBIS’ Military Advisor.