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English  |  português 02:58:40, Saturday, 29 Aug 2015
World Humanitarian Day: Bissau-Guineans inspiring humanity
20 August 2015 (UNIOGBIS / PIU) - World Humanitarian Day passed unnoticed in Guinea-Bissau due to the current political situation in the country, marked with the dismissal of the government by the President and the ongoing negotiations, for the appointment of another. Guinea-Bissau has been more a recipient than aid donor. Many volunteers who distribute this aid are Bissau-Guineans who “inspire humanity”.
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PBC calls for statesmanship and resumption of political dialogue to address tensions in Guiné-Bissau
18 August 2015 – The Guinea-Bissau Configuration of the UN Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) met on 17 August in New York to discuss recent political developments in the country. In a statement released today, the commission calls for statesmanship and the resumption of political dialogue to address the current tensions within full respect of the national constitution and the rule of law and find a concerted way out of the current political crisis.
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Guinean activists argue that young people are not the future but the present
The International Youth Day 2015 celebrated on 12 August this year under the theme "Youth and Civic Participation", underlines the importance of youth in transforming society. In Guinea-Bissau, youth seeks to become more organized and participate, despite the challenges. Edson Incopté, manager at Ubuntu Academy that trains young leaders argues: "Young people are not the future of Guinea-Bissau, but rather the present, because if we continue to think that young people are the future, we will never start building the future now.”
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Security Council calls on Guinea-Bissau’s leadership to resume dialogue
12 August 2015 – The United Nations Security Council today called on all of Guinea-Bissau’s political leadership to resume dialogue in order to work together in the governance of the country as it emerges from previous periods of instability.
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At a meeting with national stakeholders and international partners, President José Mário Vaz called on the international community to keep supporting Guinea-Bissau.