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English  |  português 04:58:00, Tuesday, 21 Apr 2015
Women are still underrepresented in all areas of decision-making in Guinea-Bissau
15 April 2015 – Bissau-Guinean women are still facing many obstacles to achieve gender equality in Guinea-Bissau. Despite being more than half of the population, and although after last elections there was a slight increase of the number of women elected in the Parliament -14 over 102-, women continue to be underrepresented in decision-making processes.
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UNIOGBIS and partners brainstorm on a Strategic Plan for the Police and Security Institutions in GB
14 April 2015 – A workshop organized by UNIOGBIS/ROLSI on a five-year Strategic Plan for the Police and Security Institutions in Guinea-Bissau ended yesterday, highlighting full national ownership for its implementation.
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Ebola prevention must continue in Guinea-Bissau
April 7 was World Health Day commemorated with a focus on food safety. However, in Guinea-Bissau the prevention against Ebola is still at the center of the health authorities’ concerns, as well of the UN agencies who are dealing with this issue - WHO and UNICEF- , and other civil society organizations.
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UN and Government shed light on the outcome of the roundtable and on the way ahead
7 April 2015 - Prime Minister Domingos Simões Pereira and UNIOGBIS leadership have been multiplying efforts to clarify the outcome of the Brussels donor roundtable to the Bissau-Guinean people.
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Military stationed in Buba receiving training from UNIOGBIS on the participation and role of women in the armed forces